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Estate Planning and Probate

Murray, Plumb & Murray offers a full range of estate planning, trust and probate services. Over the years, we have successfully assisted clients in maximizing the after tax inheritances passing to their children and grandchildren through a variety of estate planning techniques, including, in appropriate cases, the use of:

  • Wills of all types
  • Living Trusts which provide professional management of assets and avoid the costs and delays of probate;
  • Credit Shelter Trusts which ensure that a husband and wife can pass the maximum allowable amount to their children;
  • Insurance Trusts which can provide funds with which to pay federal estate taxes and other payees;
  • Intervivos Gift Programs which can provide substantial tax savings to the family as a whole without diminishing the security or independence of clients in their later years;
  • Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies and which can be effective vehicles in connection with annual gift programs for children and grandchildren; and
  • Charitable Gift Programs which can satisfy the client’s charitable desires at the most advantageous tax cost.

With all the tax planning, however, we never lose sight of the fact that the principal objective in structuring an estate plan is to ensure that your property is left to the persons, and in the manner, that you desire.

In connection with closely held family businesses, we have assisted clients in the often painful transition of passing the ownership and operation of such businesses from one generation to the next.

In addition, we can be of assistance with regard to advance directives for medical care and financial powers of attorney for other matters. While we would not pretend to advise you what decisions to make in this regard, we can provide you with the recognized alternatives you have, and prepare the necessary documents where you now set forth the degree of medical care that you want to receive at a future time, when you may not be capable of making such a decision.

We offer complete services in connection with the handling of a decedent’s affairs, whether it is in the structured environment of probate, or in the more informal, and less costly, environment of a Living Trust. In either case, we are equipped to efficiently handle the myriad of property and financial matters associated with the death of a loved one. We also handle ancillary administration proceedings throughout Maine for non-resident estates.