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Bo Bigelow

I’ve always been interested in using my law degree to help people. The special education system can be baffling, and parents often

Drew A. Anderson

What I love about real estate law is working on deals, and then walking around the City, seeing a building, and thinking,

Elizabeth A. Boepple

“As a former small business owner, I understand the many challenges a business owner faces every day. Helping my business clients with

Elizabeth P. Hunt

Achieving client satisfaction is the essence of my job. My sole purpose is to help them visualize, articulate, and achieve their goals.

Heather Whiting

I sincerely enjoy the connection I have with my clients. I strive to listen to their needs, inform them of their legal

John C. Bannon

Whether it’s taking on a local municipality or larger state and federal agencies, people are often intimidated and don’t know where to

John C. Lightbody

I enjoy personal relationships and collaboration with clients in problem-solving and strategizing options. My focus is to help them be successful and

Kelly W. McDonald

“What excites me is getting clients from point A to point B, through challenging terrain, and seeing them thrilled to be there,