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Estate Planning Q + A

Most people have heard of estate planning, but not everyone is familiar with exactly what it means, and why it’s important to have an estate plan of your own. In this video series, attorneys Liz Hunt and Rachel Sears explain what estate planning entails, and address some common topics discussed with clients.

Planning for incapacity: Advance healthcare directive and durable power of attorney

What is the difference between estate planning and a will?

Establishing a guardian and trustee for your child

Who will manage your digital accounts when you’re gone?

Estate Planning: What every new parent should know

We offer a full range of estate planning, trust, and probate services.

We offer a full range of estate planning, trust and probate services. For years, we’ve helped clients maximize the after tax inheritances passed to their children and grandchildren through a variety of estate planning techniques. Contact attorney Liz Hunt to learn more about estate planning and planning for incapacity, or to discuss other estate planning services.

Before you contact us, please review our Legal Disclaimer.