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Meet Our Staff

Murray Plumb & Murray is fortunate to have highly knowledgeable staff, many of whom have been with the firm for decades

Sharon C. Giggey
Corporate Paralegal/Legal Assistant to John C. Lightbody and Peter L. Murray
(207) 523-8230
Kathy L. Kamin
(207) 523-8236
Kelley P. Massey
Legal Assistant to John C. Bannon, John B. Shumadine, Stacey Neumann, Sage Friedman and Andrew Helman
(207) 523-8244
Meredith F. McArdle
Litigation Paralegal/Human Resources and Legal Assistant to Michael D. Traister
(207) 523-8232
Pamela Nye
(207) 523-8238
Bonnie J. Page
IT/Probate Paralegal
(207) 523-8235
Gail A. Sanborn
Real Estate Paralegal
(207) 523-8240
Donna M. Sutton
Legal Assistant to Richard L. O'Meara, Bo Bigelow and Ali Tozier
(207) 523-8241
Kathy G. Willette
Legal Assistant to Peter S. Plumb, Drew A. Anderson, Elizabeth P. Hunt, Christopher B. Branson, Kelly W. McDonald and Rachel Sears
(207) 523-8243